Theme Features

Fully Responsive
Frontpage Slideshow
Product Comparison Table
Complex Search Filtering
Customizable Product Selector
Cart Suggested Products
Free Discretionary Updates
Free Customer Support for 6 Months
High Res Product Images
Product Filtering
Advanced Quick View
Product Showcase
Persistent Cart
One Page Check Out
Product Videos
Mega Navigation
Masonry Design
Customized Check Out
Quick Add-to-Cart
Switchable Grid/List Product View
Multi-Tiered Sidebar Menu

Optimized For

Sales & Discounts
Large Catalog
Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+

Item support includes:

Availability of the author to answer general questions about the item.
Availability of the author to answer technical questions about the item.
Help with reported bugs/issues.
Assistance with 3rd party assets included with the item.
Free customer support for 6 months.
Free discretionary updates (the 6 month customer support policy does not apply to item updates).

Item support does not include:

Item customization services.
Item installation services.
Hosting and server issues.

BigCommerce Stile - Classic

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